About Snack Smart

Not only WHAT, but also HOW

Snack Smart helps people decide what better choice to snack, and helps people know how they snack. With Snack Smart, users can see their craving patterns and make better food dicision.

How It Works?

Knowing the healthy food, knowing more the healthy you

Our snack category is classified by clear and simple color system. The brighter the color, the more natural and healthier the food.
Snack Smart will document your food choices along with time, date, season and personalized craving notes, so you can see your craving patterns in a clear related and personalized way.

What To Snack?

When you crave something,
your body needs something.

According to research, food craving is caused by the element needs of our body. However, the food you crave are usually unhealthiy and can not satisfy the demand well.
That’s how we come up with Snack Smart, which offers you the better and healthier substitutes that curb your craving in a healthy way.

When To Snack?

Snacking is fine,
Just at the right time!

Regular eating refers to eating meals or snacks on regular time basis. It enable people to make better food choices and avoid craving fro high energy food resulted from hunger.
Snack Smart with snack alarm reminds you of your snack, helping you keep you regular eating schedule.